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riff raff humph

2009-11-16 22:46:58 by epiccakes

i am not riff raff i am a member of the community i find this slightly offensively funny so humph to you newgrounds

riff raff humph

hayz every1z iz just posting again if any1 ever reads this damn peice of crap

well yah so imma FIRIN M AH LAZZOR

plz read mah posts (c iz is rezorting to bad splling and gramarz)

i see...

2009-08-22 02:42:47 by epiccakes

i see pickles arent interesting enough.thanks to that lone commenter i now bring you around a paragraph on HENTAI :)

why is hentai so important?becuase it is the underground infrastructure that holds up newgrounds
and keeps us pumping endorphins so we dont go out one day on a
murderous rampage wich would likely kill hundreds,not to mention the fact that hentai
is there for when youre girlfriend or wife just says "not tonight honey"
and so that is why hentai is so important

that is my post

hmmm probably should have made the title hentai and more people would read it.....

i see...